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We create unique exclusively designed type of Plissée Fashion, dedicated to women and their love for Fashion.

In the traditional creative center of Berlin you can found Arrey`s high-quality, high fashion and perfected Plissée handcraft. The store Arrey Kono is located in the Hackesche Höfe, Arrey has also proven to be a crowd-puller for fashion and art lovers having fun on a glamorous shopping experience.

Coming soon, you can visit our online shop: our mission is to offer our exclusive designs, confident trends and emancipated styles easy for you to purchase. Enjoy your shopping!


We are excited to announce that we will be showing at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam this year. The show will take place on the 13th July 2015 at Gashouder. Let the countdown begin! You can send us an e-mail and find our store address HERE.

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The new collection: In The Middle

After many fantastic seasons of unparalleled success, Arrey has decided to take advantage of new opportunities, and new brand. This year, you will still see your favorite elements of plisse Fashion: a world class production, the hottest up-and-coming designs, and an exclusive slice of the Berlin fashion scene. Her mission of multicultural arts, ethnic diversity, and positive image remain strong in the collection in the Middle, and she is proud to continue the popular fashion line.

For Arrey there has always been something more; always that drive that is pushing her for more. She spent a lot of years trying to find her middle. Arrey didn’t find it in a place where most people find it; she found it in between extremes. Her past designs and work has shown this; simple and sober on one side and totally extreme and avant-garde on the other side. In her life she learned that you should not let your talent go to waste, you should seek fulfilment. She does this everyday by creating fashion. Arrey’s work not only mirrors her personality, but also her life.

‘I never regretted a decision, because I always knew that there was a door leading to better and bigger possibilities. When you challenge life, you can find all the extremes. Life is an experience. At the end I want to look back happily and think that the ride was just amazing. Creativity, it is finding my own peace. Everything is just going to happen. I’m in my middle.

Arrey’s previous collections have always been an inspiration from the outside. This collection comes from the inside, from her middle. ‘It’s not just about the moment it is beyond the moment. It is the middle.

Her new collection in the middle symbolizes harmony and peace, which can be seen in her designs. The fluent lines bring forth that she has now find her own middle and hopes to inspire the woman who wear her clothes to find their middle.

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